Soggy end


My last run of 2012 was an unimpressive 10K. Rain was blown into my face and there were a number of stretches of flooded road to be negotiated. The poor running form I have enjoyed of late continued, the only pacing option I had was: keep plodding or stop & walk. I kept plodding.

Another slow, damp run completed. It could have been miserable, but it wasn’t. I finished with a smile on my face. Sometimes just to endure is enough.

Moving targets


Like many amateur sports-people, I try to find some time in the last few days of December to think about goals for the year ahead. I’m not a big fan of New Year Resolutions, but I do think it helps the motivation to have a list of targets to focus the training on.

The only organised event I have already entered for 2013 is the Tunbridge Wells half marathon in February. Oh, and I am also signed-up for & looking forward (in a masochistic sort of way) to the Janathon challenge

So far, my “wish list” for the year looks a bit like this:

  • Century Ride – Tonbridge Castle Ride in May might be a good option
  • A 2nd half marathon – much later in the year & hopefully at a more reasonable pace
  • A couple of trail runs – the Brighton Trailblazer this year was good fun. I’d like to do that 1 again + a longer, maybe 20K+, off-road run
  • Take some swimming lessons & complete a sprint-distance Triathlon

I would also like to get back to doing some kayaking, but I don’t think there will be time or budget for that in 2013.

Hopefully I can spread the goals out across the year. That way I will have a significant challenge to aim for every couple of months. Next step then, is to do some Internet surfing to find suitable events & dates.

Two thirds


Day 8 of 12 of my self-imposed mini challenge done. I’m just behind schedule, but 6 miles per day for the last 4 days will see me through to the 100K target.

At the moment I seem to be running slower & slower each day. I’m trying to concentrate on being satisfied with just getting the miles in. However I am a little concerned that the Tun Wells half is going to be a bit of a slog unless I can pick the pace up over the next few weeks.

The chase


I was reminded recently of this ad for Specialized: . It aired quite often during this year’s TdeF.

Was this the best sporting TV ad of 2012 ? Can you think of a better one ?

Heavy weather


The plan for today was an eight miler on flat roads at a steady pace. It didn’t seem like a big ask but I didn’t really get into the zone and it felt like a struggle the whole way round. As it was still raining today, I wore my trail shoes as these cope better with the wet. However I think this may have been a mistake. The trail shoes have a thinner, less forgiving sole than my usual road shoes. My legs feel quite beaten up now with stiffness in achiles, calves and hams.

I was looking forward to a Christmas morning run tomorrow. After todays effort, I think it will have to be a very gentle recovery run if I’m to avoid an injury.

I’m not expecting to find time to blog tomorrow, so I’ll wish you all a very Happy Christmas. See you on the other side.

Bourne away


From this afternoon’s run: the Bourne at Golden Green. Usually this is a gentle babbling brook.

The hardest step


Janathon – Run every day for a month? It doesn’t sound that hard. Make that month January, and it gets a bit tougher. In the UK: the days are short, the weather is rubbish, and just getting through the working day often seems a struggle after the Christmas break.

However the challenge doesn’t stop there. The task is to run AND blog every day. I often train late at night. The 1st year I tried Janathon, I literally fell asleep mid-way through writing posts. For my 2nd attempt, last year, I managed to run every day but the blogging was sporadic, at best. Truly the hardest step is to find an interesting way to describe “going out in the dark & the rain and trudging round the same familiar roads” for the 10th, 20th & 31st times.

Another January looms on the horizon, but this time I have a cunning plan. I’ve drawn up a list of 7 different types of blog post and come up with a handful of topics to match each type. So hopefully I can produce some content that is varied and vaguely coherent without too much angst.

Of course, there is still the small matter of getting the miles in.

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