The hardest step

Janathon – Run every day for a month? It doesn’t sound that hard. Make that month January, and it gets a bit tougher. In the UK: the days are short, the weather is rubbish, and just getting through the working day often seems a struggle after the Christmas break.

However the challenge doesn’t stop there. The task is to run AND blog every day. I often train late at night. The 1st year I tried Janathon, I literally fell asleep mid-way through writing posts. For my 2nd attempt, last year, I managed to run every day but the blogging was sporadic, at best. Truly the hardest step is to find an interesting way to describe “going out in the dark & the rain and trudging round the same familiar roads” for the 10th, 20th & 31st times.

Another January looms on the horizon, but this time I have a cunning plan. I’ve drawn up a list of 7 different types of blog post and come up with a handful of topics to match each type. So hopefully I can produce some content that is varied and vaguely coherent without too much angst.

Of course, there is still the small matter of getting the miles in.

If you would like to know more about Janathon … click here

One Response to The hardest step

  1. Helen says:

    This will be my first Janathon – and I’m pretty nervous as I’m not a runner. I will start a running programme but my blog is going to see an awful lot of ‘I er, walked briskly to work’ type of posts. Nice organisation on your part!

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