Home and hosed


The default 4 mile loop brought my 2013 Janathon to a close. 160 miles for the month jogged, logged & blogged.

And then there was one


The penultimate day of #Janathon and it was a real pleasure to get out with the Hadlow Running Group. A couple of nice easy miles followed by a good clip for the last mile. Add in the jog to the start and back home afterwards gives 5 more for the total.

One more day to complete the Janathon challenge and then all thoughts must turn to the next challenge.

Top ten


Today’s hilly 5 miler took me through the 150 mile mark. By way of celebration I checked out the totals page of the Janathon group. Surprisingly, I’m still in the top 10 of those who have run every day … just !

A dark & stormy night


The same old default 4 mile run ticked off again tonight. It was too dark to see much, a state of affairs not aided by the freezing rain being blown horizontally into my face.

But enough of the whinging. The 150 mile mark for the month is within touching distance and, perhaps more importantly, my legs seem to have recovered well from yesterday’s long run. So it’s all good.

Going the distance


Back in October I ran the Tonbridge Half in 1:52. That was a little slower than I had trained for. However, given that I was full of man-flu, it seemed quite satisfying. I entered the Tunbridge Wells Half with the expectation that I could push the time own to 1:45.

Since then, the training has been sporadic, at best. With 4 weeks to go to race day, today I ran a hilly 13 miles in 2:12.

So now I’m having doubts about racing. I could just treat it as another training session, but if I’m going to do that, I could just run the 13 miles from home saving the travel time and check-in hassle.

Lost and found


It was very tempting to blow-off today’s run. Eventually I convinced myself that I would go for a 1 mile token effort just to keep the #Janathon vibe going. Once I was out, the running mojo kicked in and I trotted round the 4 mile loop.

The Pareto principle


The Pareto Principle, or the Law of the Vital Few, tells us that: for many events roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Today was the 80% mark in Janathon 2013. Most of my running so far this month has been junk miles: many short sessions, usually at a slow pace, often focused primarily on hazard avoidance (dark, snow, ice, traffic) rather than on specific training objectives.

Applying the Pareto principle, if all of my runs in this last 20% of the month are high quality, then I can still accrue 80% of the total training benefit.