Pancake struggles

Well it was inevitable really. The cumulative effects of several days training caught up with me today. A recovery run around my default 4-mile loop was the plan. The weather at lunchtime was favourable. I had hoped a very gentle effort today, would set me up physically & mentally for a longer, harder run at the weekend. Unfortunately, it proved to be a struggle from start to finish. I’m now thinking I may need to scale back the distance tomorrow & hope to fit the long run in on Sunday.

The photograph below was taken at about the half way point of the run & looks back toward home. The key feature to note is: how flat it is. Having some pancake routes to run has been a blessing as I struggle for fitness. However if I want to survive the Tun Wells Half, I’ll have to start tackling some serious hills soon.

2 Responses to Pancake struggles

  1. I did both the Tonbridge and Canterbury half marathons in 2012, both had bitching hills in them but you are running really well I doubt your half marathon will pose much of a problem, good work fella!

  2. I think pancake flat is good!!!!

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