Change of plans


A long run had been planned for today. However, my feeble effort yesterday suggested I needed to set a lesser target. I also decided to not start until late afternoon, so that my legs would have a few extra hours for recovery. The trade-off being that this would mean running in the dark again.

Even though there’s no pavement and the roads are mostly unlit, I usually feel quite confident running on the lanes around home after dark. I do make sure to wear a high viz top and to have flashing LED lights front & rear.

I completed my 10K circuit at a steady pace. Energy levels seemed much better than yesterday but my achiles and calves are stiff on both legs. The miles are beginning to take their toll.

I have to do a late night dad-taxi trip tonight to pick my son up from a party, so I may fit in a few bike miles on the rollers later on; or I may just slob on the couch with my feet up.