A very brief blog entry this evening. I had hoped today to fit in the long run postponed from Saturday, but it just wasn’t to be. Sometimes family life has to take precedence; and there were a whole string of commitments today some of which were fun (taking my daughter to her football match) and some less so (plumbing in the new dishwasher).

In the end, I settled for slotting in my default 4-miler in the evening. It was a little too soon after eating to run comfortably, so I trotted round at a sedate pace.

2 Responses to Settling

  1. Great job getting that 4 in. This is my first Janathon. I registered last year but didn’t follow through with the blogging and support, so this year … I am! I had a plan to ring in the new year with 13 miles but like you, family called and I was busy running around visiting.

    Good luck!

    Running free: markxrunning

  2. This particular post, “Settling Running Still” ended up being excellent.
    I’m printing out a backup to present my personal associates.
    Thank you,Esther

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