Seeing where I’m going

Today’s run was the same 4 miler that I’ve done the last few days, but was 3 minutes quicker (less slow – might be more accurate). There are 2 probable reasons for the improvement: This was the 1st time I’d run in daylight for ages
Finally I seem to have shaken off the tiredness from last week’s travelling

The bad news, for me, is that my bags are packed again & I will be hitting the road at stupid-o’clock tomorrow morning. Still, for every cloud a liver lining; the hotel I’m staying in tomorrow night has a pool & a gym. A few controlled blasts on the treadmill may be just what I need to reacquaint my legs with the concept of race pace.

This photo has nothing to do with running, except that I took it at the weekend while waiting for the start of my son’s race.

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