There be pirates, deranged cycling pirates

Juneathon day 2 included the following, not necessarily in this order:
10 mile run, deliberately didn’t use any gels or sweets and as expected faded in last couple of miles
Changing my profile pic to 1 where I look like a deranged pirate
An hour on the bike, hitting a couple of big hills – still haven’t found my climbing legs
Being massively inspired by Non Stanford, Jonny Brownlee & Jodie Stimpson in Madrid
My son getting 3rd in the 800 metres & winning the 2K steeple chase at Chelmsford track meet
Making a fool of myself for the entertainment of the neighbours by practicing running bike mounts & dismounts for half an hour in front of the house
Watching Hawaii 5-0 on TV
30 minutes on the turbo trainer creating a small salty lake of sweat
Forgetting to submit my entry to Staplehurst 10K. Tsk, must do that in the morning

And that’s about it. Back to work tomorrow – another day, another dollar.

2 Responses to There be pirates, deranged cycling pirates

  1. I like the deranged pirate look btw

  2. Pirates are cool. They just Aaarrrrgh!

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