Falling behind, already

Only on day 3 of Juneathon and I’m already slacking off on the blogging. In my defence, I did sit down to write last night, but I made the mistake of sitting on the settee. I woke up an hour later as my son said goodnight on his way to bed.

Anyway, yesterday I managed a brief (but not quick) swim on the way home from work. In the evening, I had a ride/run brick planned of 12 miles cycling & 5K running. The intention was to see if I could up the pace, particularly on the run leg. As soon as I started, I could tell that my body was still “carrying” the miles from the weekend. Instead of pushing hard, I settled in to complete the distance at an 80% effort.

Swim: 6 sets of 50 metres with full recovery between sets – slow
Ride: 12 miles at 18 mph
Run: 3.3 miles at 8.5 min/mile

I think I’m reaching a point where I have to decide to either: stop wasting time & money swimming; or bite the bullet & get some professional tuition.

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