Chasing the light

All day at work today I had been looking forward to tonight’s session. I had a duathlon run/ride/run brick planned. When I got home, I should have skipped tea & loaded up with some porridge as planned, but there was chicken & rice in chilli sauce on offer. It would be a crime to skip that. A quick mental calculation suggested I could eat, allow half an hour for digestion & still get the ride section of the brick done before it got too dark.

Half an hour proved to be not long enough and as a result I was quite uncomfortable and a bit slower than I’d hoped on the 10K run. I felt fine by the time I got on the bike but it was going to be a bit close to get round before the light was lost. There was a glorious slow crimson sun set and I chased the last of the light home.

The temperature had cooled considerably during the 40K ride and I could feel a little cramp in both calves as I finished the cycle leg. This gave me some concern for the switch to running but I pushed ahead into the gathering gloom. As the blood started to pump in the running muscles the cramp eased away & the final 5K was uneventful.

2:43 for 10K/40K/5K – slower than expected but still very satisfying.

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