All about water

My originl plan for today was to: volunteer at Tonbridge ParkRun, run 4 or 5 miles and put in some more laps at the swimming pool.

It came as no surprise when the decision was made on Friday afternoon to cancel the ParkRun due to flooding. While this was obviously disappointing for those who planned to run, it did allow me the luxury of an extended lie-in.

The flooding in Tonbridge has caused damage to equipment at the swimming pool and the centre is shut with no date set to re-open. So it was off to Tunbridge Wells to swim again today. I completed several 50M laps and focused on just a couple of technique points: high elbow on the pull and pointing the toes back on the kick.

Water continued to be the hem of the day for my run. I was expecting some big puddle and cold wet feet. I hadn’t anticipated the flood water being as deep as it was though. On one section of Pierce Mill Lane I was reduced to walking for about 100M as the water came up to my knees.

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