Acts of kindness

Having resolved last night to cycle-commute to & from the station today, I set off this morning undeterred by the fairly heavy rain. It was only as I dismounted at the platform gates that I realized the bike-lock had been left at home. Choices:
Take a gamble and leave the bike unlocked
Wake up some friends who live near the station and put bike in their garden
Cycle home and in again through the rain
Hang around for 2 hours waiting for shops to open & buy new lock

I opted to take a chance. Working on the principal of hiding a tree in the forest, I slotted my bike into the most crowded part of the bike rack and hoped it would still be there on my return.

12 hours later, as I stood looking at the now empty bike rack and wondering if it was worth reporting the theft of an unlocked bike, a platform guard approached

“Don’t worry, we saw your bike was unlocked so we put it into the store room.”

What a star!

5 minutes later, giving profuse thanks, bike & I were reunited and on our way.

The 2 commute rides plus day-4 of the Kinetic Revolution 30-day challenge were the only Juneathon activities today. More was planned but the body was tired. I am trying to get better at listening when the body says rest; so no run for me today.

One Response to Acts of kindness

  1. ultraboycreates says:

    That’s an awesome story, makes me smile 🙂

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