I certainly wish that my commute was shorter and I remain a country-boy at heart; but I do actually quite like working in London. There’s always a buzz of energy. The way that the city has evolved means that tourists and office workers and tradesmen are always getting in each other’s way but in doing so they reinforce the human element that gets lost in other cities that have more defined “districts” that separate business from leisure.

In recent years there’s been a real surge in ambitious building projects in the capital and the juxtaposition of ancient and modern creates fascinating views whenever you turn a corner or find a new vantage point.

The glass edifices are not to everyone’s taste and some are making the case for future developments to use different materials & techniques that are more environmentally sound.

The client I’m working with at the moment has an office right on the river. The weather looked good this morning so I took the camera and bagged a couple of shots. The view of the Shard is from the alley to the side of the office; that of Tower Bridge is from the terrace outside the canteen on the 9th floor.


My Juneathon effort today was a 3.3 mile run. Steady effort throughout. Mile 3 was sub-9 and felt comfortable. I must remember to include some interval sessions to start lifting the pace.

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  1. ultraboycreates says:

    I like this post and I love the photographs

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