Other people’s dreams

In my head, I’ve had a half-formed list of possible races and events to do over the next couple of years. Yesterday I sat down and googled the dates for each race and set them down in chronological order. Where Some were too close together in the calendar, I spread them to be in consecutive years. A couple of items dropped out of contention and one new race came in.

I ended up with 15 entries from July this year to June 2016. There were 8 runs, 3 sportives, 1 Duathlon and 3 triathlons.

I thought too that there was a good mix in the list relative to my comfort zone. It included some favourites I had done before such as the Brighton Trailblazer a 10K-ish run and some challenges – anything that involves swimming is a challenge for me. Yet there was nothing so big or scary that it would take over my life or be unrealistic to train for – no Ironman’s, ultra’s or 3-month bike rides.

My expectation was that scheduling the events would boost my motivation to carry on training. Instead it had the opposite effect. I was more demotivated yesterday than I had been for a long, long time (one reason why this blog post is late).

Eventually, I went for an easy run in the late vening. As is often the case, running allowed the subconscious to work and I came home with the realisation, that I had had written a list not of what I wanted to do, but of goals other people have expressed. Friends (real-world and Twitter) are aiming for these races or for similar distances/events/times and I’ve fallen into a trap of “well everyone else is doing these, I’ll tag along”.

Which leaves the obvious question: if these are other people’s dreams, where are mine?

And the other, less pressing, question is: should it be PEOPLE’S or PEOPLES’ ?

Answers please to the above on a postcard, on Twitter or even in the comments.

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