Own Goals

It’s a dark, dank & rainy Sunday and I feel quite justified in lolling around on the settee. I got out for a steady 10K run early this morning. A lucky break in the weather meant I got round without getting wet. I’ve also ticked off a 45 minute session on the bike turbo in the garage.

On Monday evening I will see Rachel the physio and find out how much muscle damage the last couple of weeks have caused. I’m feeling hopeful that with some regular sports massages I may be able to start planning for some events in 2015.

So what should my goals be? There are so many choices. I am far from having a finalised plan but I thought I would share some of the considerations. I want to find challenges that will stretch & motivate me, but which are feasible with work & family commitments.

Brighton Trailblazer – one of my favourite races.
A half marathon (Tonbridge?) that I have properly trained & prepared for.
Answer the 10K road-run question: Can I go under 40 mins?
Find a “voice” for this blog & post regularly
A sprint triathlon – because I still haven’t cracked the how-to-swim bogey
SUP Bike Run triathlon
As much volunteering at Tonbridge parkrun as I can fit in
An overseas race or parkrun

I’m going to avoid any events that have to be booked months & months in advance and those where entry is determined by ballot.

In the days ahead, as I make the wish-list into a DO-list I’ll write a separate posting on each of the goals. Cycling is the discipline that is under-represented. The sprint-tri bike leg isn’t really too demanding. I’ve enjoyed sportives in the past, but ironically as cycling has become more popular, these have become less of a draw for me (too many riders with top-end bikes but no road-sense or courtesy). I know I can’t be competitive at races or TTs and I’m not really sure where that leaves me. What is the cycling equivalent of parkrun?

Have you set your goals for next year yet? Feel free to share your favourite 2015 challenge in the comments.

2 Responses to Own Goals

  1. You need to try the wonderful world of Audax!

    • follystone says:

      Oh yes Audax is a good call, thanks. Will look at local-ish events. It also reminds me that an off-road Team Enduro could be worth looking at

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