A Nuclear Error but I Have No Fear


Juneathon 2015 – Day 3

  • Cycle-commute – 4 miles
  • Lunchtime run by the river – 4 miles
  • Cycle-commute home again – 4 miles
  • Turbo – 14ish miles
  • Core circuits – 10 minutes

Hmm, that bridge looks familiar …


Dances with Dolphins


High-Tech Training Facility (Jammed in between the old tins of paint & the tumble dryer)


A Rather Blustery Day


Juneathon 2015 – Day 2

  • Weights – 10 minutes
  • No cycle-commute – judged too windy to safely mix with rush hour traffic
  • Evening run – steady warmup to Friendship Bridge then a set of 10 minute on minute off intervals

The downstream view from Friendship Bridge

2015-06-02 22.27.37

Pace chart for 10 intervals



Sunset as I finished the run


Allegedly the First Day of Summer


Juneathon 2015 – Day 1

  • Core circuits – 10 minutes
  • Cycle commute to station – 4 miles
  • Lunchthime canal run – 4 miles

The canal looks like this … (mostly wet, quite smelly)



  • Cycle commute home again – still 4 miles
  • Evening run round Barden Lake – 3ish miles, easy with a short pickup at the end

The lake looks like this … (also considered to be wet, except in extreme droughts)

Barden Lake

Barden Lake

By default


I have a run route that I refer to as “the default”. It’s 4 miles (3.97 by the Garmin), very flat on quiet roads and it starts and finishes at my front door. This is the run I turn to whenever I just can’t be bothered to think up anything more interesting or challenging. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve done this loop. This then was tonight’s run, completed in a clockwise direction. I worked quite hard on last nights run, so the goal today was active recovery. 4 miles in 37:40, was just the ticket.

On pace


This evening, I drove into Tonbridge and ran the route of the Tonbridge parkrun. This is essentially an out-and-back course. The route includes:
A lap of Barden Lake at the far end.
Negotiating safe passage through a flock of goslings & protective parental geese
7 bridges (If I counted correctly) to go over twice
1 bridge to go under (again twice)
A 100 metre dog-leg up & down with a U-turn at an imaginary cone (it’s a real cone on Saturday mornings). Yet again this has to be done twice – out & back.

I set myself a target of running 8 min miles. Although the route is pancake flat, all of the bridges & turns mean that it does require quite a bit of concentration to avoid letting the pace vary. According to the Garmin, I was reasonably consistent with:
+1 minute for the last 0.1 miles
Giving a total of 25:07. For where I am, on the come-back journey, I was pleased with this as another step in the right direction.

Puttering about


This evening’s Juneathon was a steady trail run. According to the a Garmin I did 4.25 miles but there was some clambering round fallen trees and pausing to take in the views. Meaning that this wasn’t a continuous effort. The run was a little shorter than intended, I was aiming to reach Puttenden Road on the footpaths and return along the road. However I reached a 5-way junction in the trail and my sense of direction failed me, so, with darkness falling, I erred on the side of caution and re-traced my steps.

Powered by sunshine


Today’s Juneathon effort started with my default 10K route. Even though I hit the road by 9:30, the weather was already hot. I had a good dollop of sun-screen on. I don’t often carry a drink for runs less than an hour, but I stuffed a gel into my shorts pocket as a just in case.

I’m not sure if the Garmin was suffering some form of electronic heat-stroke but the split for the 1st mile came up as sub-8 even though I felt that I was going fairly steady. Given this was my quickest mile for some time, I made a choice to go fairly hard to the mid-point and then to ease up. Unless I’m doing a specific intervals session I usually aim to run a consistent pace right through whatever distance I’m doing. But I was interested to know what sort of time I can realistically aim for over 5K.

The 3 mile split came up at just under 25 mins. I didn’t spot the time at exactly 3.1 but my best estimate is 25:30. One of the benchmarks I’ve set for my recovery is a sub-25 5K. If the Garmin is being truthful, I should be able to hit that target in the next couple of weeks.

In the afternoon I put in a 30 mile bike ride, this wasn’t at a training level of intensity, I was just enjoying soaking up some rays. Even so, I wax pleased to see this out at 17 mph. Quite a respectable pace for what was really a bit of a jolly. I treated myself to a white magnum ice cream as a fitting reward for the effort.

This great little video about advice from dads

From Lulu Lemon has been doing the rounds on Twitter. “Get Good Grades” . Love it!