Good reasons


Happy New Year – one and all.

If you’re reading this blog, there’s every chance you are already active in sport. Even so, it does no harm to remember some of the benefits of getting out there for a run or a ride. Here then, in no particular order, are ten good reasons

1. Lose weight or keep yourself looking trim

2. Fight depression – regular exercise is a good way to see off that Black Dog

3. Challenge yourself – it’s a part of the human condition, we need that sense of achievement from reaching or exceeding targets that we set

4. Make friends – sport can help, whether you’re looking for: companions to run with or a common interest to discuss at gatherings or mutual support through social networks

5. Solve problems – let yourself focus on the activity and the subconscious mind can often find the answers you need in other areas of life

6. Solitude – work & families & friends can take up so much of our time. Carve a regular little sanctuary for yourself by getting out on a ride or a run

7. See the seasons – being outdoors brings us close enough to observe the small changes that herald the transition from winter to spring

8. Healthy bones – running particularly, has been cited as a way to delay the onset of brittle bones as we age

9. Platform for other sports – team sports are great too, and regular running helps sharpen us up for those

10. Sleep well

What have I missed from the list? Why not leave a comment with the benefits you enjoy from your exercise?

Today I kicked off my Janathon 2013 challenge with a 10.7 mile run. The roads were still wet, but there were beautiful blue skies. It was a real joy to get out there this morning.