The unkindness of motorways


When the going gets tough ….

I knew it was going to be hard to fit a run in today. Having left at 05:30 this morning, I was on track to be back home again by about 20:00. Plenty of time to eat & run, or so I thought. The motorway gods had other plans for me. Just 20ish miles from home, the M25 ground to a standstill. Stop, start, stop, start. 1 mile from the first stop and an hour later: I managed to get off at the Godstone junction. It’s a short hop from there on to the A25 which runs parallel to the motorway. Steady progress for a few more miles, then it all closed down again. Police cars & ambulances screeched by and we sat & waited and sat some more.

I did finally get home, legs & back stiff from sitting in the car. I seriously considered calling it a night but I fuelled up with the most inappropriate and calorific foods I could find, summoned up a last reserve of motivation, and headed out the door sometime after 23:00.

Despite promising myself I was only going to do the bare minimum 1 mile, I managed a 3 mile loop. Home again before midnight. I live to fight another Janathon day.