Cold and hard


Most of the UK got a good covering of snow today but in Kent it was just a smattering. Having learnt my lesson yesterday, I made sure to get out while there was daylight. Road running seemed like a non-starter; too much ice on the back roads and pavements. Instead I hit the trails.

In large, the ground was very rutted and frozen hard. I had to go quite carefully to avoid twisting an ankle, even so it was a tough workout for the achiles tendons.

A 4.6 mile loop completed with no mishaps an a couple of stops for photos.

Pancake struggles


Well it was inevitable really. The cumulative effects of several days training caught up with me today. A recovery run around my default 4-mile loop was the plan. The weather at lunchtime was favourable. I had hoped a very gentle effort today, would set me up physically & mentally for a longer, harder run at the weekend. Unfortunately, it proved to be a struggle from start to finish. I’m now thinking I may need to scale back the distance tomorrow & hope to fit the long run in on Sunday.

The photograph below was taken at about the half way point of the run & looks back toward home. The key feature to note is: how flat it is. Having some pancake routes to run has been a blessing as I struggle for fitness. However if I want to survive the Tun Wells Half, I’ll have to start tackling some serious hills soon.

Soggy end


My last run of 2012 was an unimpressive 10K. Rain was blown into my face and there were a number of stretches of flooded road to be negotiated. The poor running form I have enjoyed of late continued, the only pacing option I had was: keep plodding or stop & walk. I kept plodding.

Another slow, damp run completed. It could have been miserable, but it wasn’t. I finished with a smile on my face. Sometimes just to endure is enough.

Bourne away


From this afternoon’s run: the Bourne at Golden Green. Usually this is a gentle babbling brook.

Shadow on the wall


A photograph taken on yesterday morning’s 10K run:

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