Taking the Neglected Path


Juneathon 2015 – Day 12

  • Cycle commute – 4 miles
  • Reverse commute – 4 miles
  • Disappointing run – 3 miles

Yalding Bridge


A Nuclear Error but I Have No Fear


Juneathon 2015 – Day 3

  • Cycle-commute – 4 miles
  • Lunchtime run by the river – 4 miles
  • Cycle-commute home again – 4 miles
  • Turbo – 14ish miles
  • Core circuits – 10 minutes

Hmm, that bridge looks familiar …


Dances with Dolphins


High-Tech Training Facility (Jammed in between the old tins of paint & the tumble dryer)


A Rather Blustery Day


Juneathon 2015 – Day 2

  • Weights – 10 minutes
  • No cycle-commute – judged too windy to safely mix with rush hour traffic
  • Evening run – steady warmup to Friendship Bridge then a set of 10 minute on minute off intervals

The downstream view from Friendship Bridge

2015-06-02 22.27.37

Pace chart for 10 intervals



Sunset as I finished the run


Soggy end


My last run of 2012 was an unimpressive 10K. Rain was blown into my face and there were a number of stretches of flooded road to be negotiated. The poor running form I have enjoyed of late continued, the only pacing option I had was: keep plodding or stop & walk. I kept plodding.

Another slow, damp run completed. It could have been miserable, but it wasn’t. I finished with a smile on my face. Sometimes just to endure is enough.