Milestone days


Today my son passed his driving test. Not momentous news, it’s a hurdle most of us cross at some point. But it is a milestone of sorts, another step on his journey to adulthood & independence. And of course for me, it should mean rather less dad-taxi trips which in turn should mean more time for running, but could just result in more time on the settee faffing about on the Internet. Time will tell.

I ran this evening with the Hadlow Runners group. Numbers are beginning to pick up and there were a few novice runners in the pack tonight. It makes a good session, the more experienced runners can vary the pace a little, sometimes moving ahead then doubling back & some of the time hanging out to offer encouragement.

Another very long work day looms tomorrow, so the run will probably be a late night token affair. However there should be an opportunity to get some decent miles in on Friday.